Saturday, 15 June 2013

I got dirt...

and lots of it.

I am gardening but at the moment resting my hands until they stop vibrating from using the tiller. I have lots more to go, well a small third of my garden. It is also my revenge to the land lord after the incident last year where I mangled my leg and lost 5 months of work. Hope he likes a garden just as much as I do.

Working in the dirt is soothing and relaxing even as the sweat beads and falls down the sides of my face. The roar of the motor and smell of freshly turned soil fill my nose and I can let lose the frustrations of work and stupid little things that I allow to frustrate me.

I also have come to notice that I also don't like caramel ice cream. I swear I thought it was chocolate with caramel swirl. Hmph.

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