Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I the Quazi-Foodie

here by announce that I have no idea if there is an end to cookbooks. I mean you get your favorites and then what? Keep looking for more or just stick to the ones you have grown to love and cherish?

My cookbook wish list is about to end with three. I am still traumatized over the last book I bought thinking that it would not be as graphic and in color. Yes I wanted to know how to butcher and make my own meats but damn all of it in colour?!? Thank you but line drawing would have been enough thank you very much! I must have missed the "Warning!" at Amazom.ca.

I look at my bookshelf now and think I only need one shelf filled with cookbooks and from there I should start creating my own. The internet helps a lot with trying new flavors and ideas too.

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