Tuesday, 13 August 2013

No plumbing no me.

Yeah it is official. The universe has told me loud and clear. We are not camping people. We have tried 3 times and all three times we were miserable. Not sure actually about the kid but the hubby, dog, and I are not liking it.

The first one was last year and the camp site was too small and very hard to work with. It had the tent so close to the fire pit the tent ended up having bits of fire blown on it and now has a bunch of holes. The hiking was awesome though for the others since my ankle was way to sore that summer.

This summer the second camp ground came straight out of horror scene in a movie. I was so happy to get a camp site right beside the river and when we got there it was a twenty-five foot drop to a rocky mostly dried up river. The trees were dead two thirds of the way up and they were a good fifty feet tall. There was no greens on the grounds, just dead pine needles. Mind you that made the ground soft to work with. Hubby's creepy point of view was there was no sounds of birds or other animals. Not to mention it was not as advertised.

The third one again this summer was a weather mishap. The weather people can not be trusted. It rained. At least it stopped raining enough we got a little hike. We ended up playing cards in the tent and reading books. The plan was to beat the afternoon thunderstorm and set up tent. A little rain shouldn't hurt. So we thought. It rained non stop till the next day. It was very cold the next day too. At least on the little hike I got a couple of photos of mushrooms. I find they are a interesting wonder of nature. There was also an neat phenomenon being so way up in the atmosphere. The temperature was twenty-four yet felt like twenty-nine and when you let out a breath a cloud formed and went off into the distance.

Next vacation, road trip!!!!!!!!

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