Monday, 10 June 2013

People are Curious Things


  1. Yell at your neighbour that putting his bicycle in your bush is rude and disrespectful. He will stop talking to you and who ever is part of your world. I don't care if he had both hands full I work hard at my gardening and he is not ruining it. Not to mention it comes out of my pocket and not the landlord. He chose to live upstairs not me.
  2. Don't pay attention to a patient just after they call you a nice person and don't stay with them will not deter them from doing a complete flip and call you a fat bitch. Sorry but broken hip trumps confused lady who was brought in by police because she was lost.
  3. Finally encourage person who smokes bad weed every night on every hour making your house smell like sour skunk move only to get new pot head who smokes better stuff and knows the back doesn't make the smoke go in your apartment. Almost a win.
  4. So I am gardening. Are people watching me because they are curious or that they are planning to rob my garden when it is harvest time. I know the racoons are somewhere doing that. Maybe they train the racoons to bite a tomato and then leave it in my fence!
  5. It's a small world. Don't make small talk while inserting a CBI into a gentleman because he may know your whole family back in Hickville Quebec at least an hours drive away. True I swear.
Perhaps more "People are Curious" in the future.

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