Sunday, 2 June 2013

One or the other

There is that saying where there is a time for everything. I have been following that rule for some time but as much time goes by and many ideas in my head pile up one after another I feel that "now" is the time. If not now it will never be. Time will not wait.

I follow a few writers on Twitter and feel so jealous I can not be in that circle where people travel for inspiration to write as a profession. It is too damn scary to make that leap into full time writing.

I have discovered I prefer paper and pen as apposed to a program to do my ideas on. I feel closer and it is more easily accessible while writing. That was a lot of time wasted trying to figure out "One Note" and transferring all my notes to them.

Back to the drawing board and pile of notes and ideas. Write every day damn it, that is all I have to do.

I have been for the last two months ignoring people and reading a lot of books to get the mojo going. I have to thank Keven Hearne and his "Iron Druid Chronicles" for the proverbial kick in the butt. All the mentions about the real places he writes about in his novels just got me going, in tears... again.

So enough sobbing and more determination. I want my 40th birthday where I can say I wrote a book or two and a TV series on the side.

Schedule goes as;

Every day - I blog SOMETHING. Even if it ends up being something that you have to say "You can't make this shit up!" from work then so be it. Then attempt writing some novel or series work. I can be quite brain dead at times during a stretch of work. Perhaps write something and blog a piece of it if the motivation is there. Keep a running word/page count on blog?

Week Day off - 3 hours towards writing or 4k words, which ever comes first.

My Week-End off - Especially while camping will have huge portions going to writing. Hubby has his Saturday gaming and I hope the kid will go out more this summer. So no escuse of "distractions" and "Squirrels!"

As for Nanowrimo goes I find as much as it can help people become writers in my case it gives me the excuse not to write and get screwed over trying to do it in November. Last November I had surgery. I could have done tons of writing if I didn't have the mindset of doing it for Nano, I have to do it for me.

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