Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The tale goes on.

I have been writing but mostly up dating notes and bringing them back to pen and paper. Now there was a tale in its self. The program wasn't a friendly one for printing. I will tell you that I have no shame in yelling at inanimate objects with very colourful words as well.

Nanowrimo Camp is coming up July 1st and a book that I am getting will get me in the mood. It is a book that I have been suggested many times over for real basic knowledge on occult workings. We are supposed to read more than we write right?

On that note there is more Dresden and Atticus to read. I like their first point of view writing for the largely comical aspect of urban fantasy books. The third persons tend to be more gritty and angst ridden in their relationships and written by women. I am leaning towards the first person style of writing for my own. A heroine the men would love to read about?

Oh damn! Does that mean I should change my pen name? Nah, it WILL be doable.

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